Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party

You can stream the entire album by Satellite Party, Perry Farrell’s new musical project, over on their MySpace page. I’ve been listening to it this morning, and while it’s not the worst thing out there, I don’t see myself illegally downloading buying it anytime soon.

I understand the creative urge to keep producing new product, but like Harrison Ford’s film career, I feel like each project Perry does tarnishes his earlier work which was nothing short of amazing.

The new album is out tomorrow.

  • I didn’t expect to like this and I haven’t given it a great listen but I did like the first 5 or so tracks quite a bit.

  • DAC

    I enjoyed most of their set at SSW this year but feel that it loses something on album. Especially the reworked cover of “Celebrate.”

  • jarrod

    totally forgettable crap.

  • Man, I was really hoping this would be good. The nicest thing I can say about it is that it’s just the sort of music out of touch 30- and 40-somethings might listen to because they think it’s edgy party music.

  • Well Tankboy, guess that means it’s party time at the Midnight household!