Rosehips Celebrate a First Release


Almost exactly a year after their debut, Rosehips have finally made their work indelible with this weekend’s release of a 7-inch teaser on Manup. This pair of songs shows off the Rosehips prowess at capturing the indie rock vibe of distorted guitars blanketing more delicate vocals. That combination brings to mind some mid-90’s female fronted bands like Madder Rose or Rainer Maria (if you haven’t heard, yeah, they’re all women, and no, it’s no shtick). Quick changes in tempo and tone suggest this stuff has as much pop pedigree as guitar drone. The more garage-y aesthetic in the songs suits the media format, as a lo-fi texture is evident. The record is a really nice cap to a year of progression from this band, and if nothing else makes me anxious for a full-blown set of recordings.

Joining the stage in celebration on Friday will be fellow Manup band The Lindsay, Athens, OH based The Snails, and Beard of Stars. The show will be at Camp Manup, aka Carabar, and as always, is free.

MP3: The Remainder

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