Digital Music Updates

There’s a few new interesting developments this week in digital music downloads.

First up is the new Touch and Go Digital Store. The label is selling it’s entire catalog as DRM-free 256k MP3’s. Even Shellac????? Well, they get a special treatment for their new album. You can buy the album as 24-bit WAV files. I imagine the file size is huge. (Speaking of Shellac…)

The other big announcement in digital land is lala‘s new service. The website allows you to stream tons of songs for free (unlike Napster or Real Rhapsody). Paid downloads will not have any DRM restrictions but they’ll be imported directly into a user’s iPod or mp3 player, with the assumption that it will be harder for people to share/pirate. This, of course, is silly, considering there’s tons of programs that let you rip songs from your iPod. Still, it’s good to see the major labels testing the water with unrestricted mp3 downloads. More details here.

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