John Roderick’s Bonnaroo Blog

John Roderick of The Long Winters kept a blog about Bonnaroo on MSNBC.


On Tool:
“Tool delivered the sort of spine-tingling music that is meant to herald the coldest of apocalypses, the worst nuclear winter after Skynet decides to kill all humans, and it was comforting.”

On The Hold Steady:
“These fellows have a rabid popularity that leaves me deeply conflicted. Although their live show is undeniably full of energy, full of engagement, and full of whimsy, their music is full of s–t.”

On The Black Keys:
“The first time I saw the Black Keys, at the Sasquatch Festival a couple of years ago, I remarked that they sounded like the Jimi Hendrix Experience without Jimi Hendrix, which I meant as an insult. Today I realized that they are more like Cream without Eric Clapton, which I mean as a compliment.”

On Lily Allen:
“I started to feel a little self-conscious about the size of my “willie,” so I got the heck out fo there right about the time they fired up a Specials cover.”

John… I know you’re a busy dude and all, but man if you ran a yearly music blog it’d be in my first ten go-to websites every day. Just sayin’.

  • Joe

    John is the best. We did an interview with him, easily the funniest one at Bonnaroo, video coming soon….