Zero vs. Searius Battle Footage

Zero of Weightless fame, and Searius Add, who hosts Club Searius at High Five, squared up for friendly mc battle. Most of time, when you watch battles on MTV or Youtube that features New Yorkers, shit comes off mad corny.

Zero and Searius agreed to do a “Fight Klub” style battle just to see how it would come out. “Fight Klub” battles basically have rappers doing pre-written spoken word about how they did it to each other’s moms or accuse their foes of being snitches. Both Zero and Searius thought they could prolly do this a little better.

They agreed to keep it civil because the point was to bring excitement to Columbus Hip Hop, not divide people. No personal disses. No judges. Just flows and fun.

Video footage and my commentary after the break.

Zero starts off with a rap detailing a mythical relationship between Searius and a man named Beck. He goes through all the nuances of a relationship. It might have went over some people’s heads.

Searius responded to this when he said Zero was “like Dion Sanders because he goes both ways”. Searius also hit him with a few plays on Zero’s name with punchlines like, “put a 1 in the front his name, he prolly will think he is a dime.” This was effective even if it violated the the emcee’s agreement that had prohibited opponent specific disses. (Unless Searius actually knows or dates someone name Beck. Zero didn’t violate this). The crowd allowed it. So its all fair.

Round 1: Searius

This round was close. Zero continues with the textured insults and rap patterns.
He makes a reference to West Coast Kam and Ice Cube’s beef that ended with Kam beating up Cube and taking his chain. Then he ties it into a battle a few years ago that ended in Zero punching his foe. All this being weaved together was pretty slick.Then he adds some lyrics from a Meta4ce song from an era when he was recording with Meta. But this may again been to intricate for people who don’t know about much about Cube and his beef with West Coast Kam. Or Zero’s battle history

Searius comes in and gives his personal history, listing off where all his family was from. His flow and delivery start betraying him during this round. He does come with a good punchline about Zero being “big headed like Brutus Buckeye” or something to that effect.

Neither emcee was amazing on this one. I will give the edge to Zero because his flow and delivery was more together. Zero’s emphasis on technical rapping showed through.

Round 2: Zero

Zero clearly destroyed him in this round. He combined the fastidiousness, flow, and layering with crowd pleasing punchlines. And he maintained it for like 1 Zillion bars.

At this point Searius made the error of using a paper as a prop. I am not sure what his intent was, but it came off like he had run out of lyrics—-especially after Zero had flexed so hard in the final round.

Round 3: Zero
Searius :5

My Final Score:


I respect both rappers for putting themselves out there on some “Style Wars” shit. They both proved they could hold it down. I don’t how many times I have seen wack cats battle and wanted nothing more than to never hear someone rap again.

This wasn’t the case here. Both rappers brought it.

Zero’s refinement almost cost him the battle by possibly being unconcerned the possibilty of people not getting his references. Searius was ready to make sure you knew he was calling Zero a bitch and talking about smacking him up. However, at some point he ran out of disses. Zero’s texturing, subtle wit, and patterns proved that a meticulous essence could withstand strong attacks that were enhanced by Searius theatrical presentation.

In the end, it just looked like Searius hadn’t prepared for the battle as much as Zero, and had ran out of ammo.

But its on video, so you decide for yourself. Zero and I are both down with Weightless so maybe I am just biased.

  • Shamburger

    I think this is a pretty fair assesment

    biased or not it’s pretty close to my opinion