Two New Contests: Sea Wolf and Dappled Cities

Okay everybody, we’ve got two pretty cool contests for you people out there in internet land.

First up… Dappled Cities!

Australians Dappled Cities are going to be in Columbus next week on Tuesday, July 31 at the Newport Music Hall with The Fratellis.

So what are we giving away? We’ve got a Dappled Cities t-shirt plus a CD signed by the band. To win it, send an e-mail to with the subject line “DAPPLED CITIES”. We’ll contact the winner for your address and t-shirt size.

This contest ends August 1.

MP3: Fire Fire Fire by Dappled Cities

Next up….. Sea Wolf!

Sea Wolf are part of the big CD101 show at Promowest on Saturday, August 11. Also on the bill are Silversun Pickups, VHS or Beta, The Cliks, Miranda Sound and more.

As for the contest, this is available to Ohio peoples only. We’ve got two tickets to the show as well as a copy of the band’s EP and a hoodie from their record label, Dangerbird.

To win it, send an e-mail to with the subject line “SEA WOLF”.

This contest ends August 7.

MP3: You’re a Wolf by Sea Wolf
MP3: The Garden That You Planted by Sea Wolf

You can enter both contests, but you certainly can’t win both.

These are two newer bands that I’ve actually been enjoying lately, so I’m glad we can give this stuff away.

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