Johnny Cashola at Lotus Tonight

“He is a respected gambler.”-Pete of the Malabar Brothers on Johnny Cashola.

bird2.jpgJohnny Cashola is dejaying at Lotus UltraLounge tonight. He does it once a month. Last time I heard The Diplomats version of “Push It.” twice. Which is two more times than I have ever heard it at Lotus. Usually at Lotus they play shitty techno music that no one wants to hear. There were few hundred people at Cashola’s night last month. This proves that people would rather dance to loud rap music than most things.

When Cashola isn’t buying out of print No Limit singles on ebay for his night, he likes to buy gold, trade me books by the Noble Drew Ali, double park his Bird at Meijers, eat samples at Whole Foods, and play dice.



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