Neil Young Album Coming to Graphic Novel Form

Finally, a way for me to legitimately write about Comic Con….

Neil Young’s concept album, “Greendale”, is going to be published as a graphic novel by my favorite comic company, DC Vertigo. Newsarama interviews “Greendale” comic writer Josh Dysart about the project. A highlight:

NRAMA: Is Neil Young directly or indirectly involved with this project? Do you have his endorsement?

JD: Absolutely. He is directly involved. I pitched him my take. We got notes back from him. I even met his whole family-his son and daughter, his wife, and of course, the man himself. (Crosby, Stills and Nash were also there, but now I’m just namedropping… heh). He’s a wonderful, wonderful person-when I met him it felt like he’d been in my life forever; which, through his music, I guess he has.

NRAMA: Will there be characters from Young’s album/ film involved in your project?

JD: Yup, characters and situations but there’s a story-telling element in the Greendale art book that didn’t really make it into the film or the album. So, that’s what I’ve focused on for the graphic novel. We’re not just stringing the stories from the album together. It will be very different from the previous incarnations of the material. A little bit traditional Vertigo, a little bit Dysart, a whole lot Greendale.

Full interview here.

  • wes

    i love this, but i still dont understand it. will there be an accompanying disc?

  • Not exactly a comment about NY- there are young artists who emulate his style and delivery. I found this young girl who sang an amazing cover of Old Man on YouTube here: