TiVo alert – LA Ink (Tuesday @ 10pm)

A spin-off of Miami Ink starring Kat Von D, LA Ink is set to premiere this Tuesday night on TLC. If you miss the 10pm showing, the premiere will be rebroadcast at 11pm.

Here’s a sneak preview …

My interest in the show lies solely in the fact that one of the artists that makes up the cast – Kim Saigh – used to be a very good friend of mine. Many stories could be told about hanging out together at the Akron Agora, Flash Gordon’s, Peabody’s, etc., etc., in Cleveland watching the up-and-coming hair metal bands of the time (and all the local bands hoping to make it big … The Fashion Police, Outta the Blue, Fatal Charm) but I’ll save those stories for another day.

Things happen, people move on and next thing you know, 15 or so years have passed you by. I can remember the last time I saw Kim – we were both at a Pitchshifter/Stabbing Westward show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland … must have been around ’95 or so. Then, lo and behold, Kim finally joins the Internet Revolution and sets up a MySpace page, emails are exchanged, and I find out she’s moving from Chicago to LA to be part of some new TV show.

So, while it might be a little impersonal, I’m really anxious to catch up with Kim even if it’s watching her on TV (the show started filming in May, from what I’ve been told). I’m just hoping she drops a reference to Spread Eagle or Willie D at some point during the upcoming season!

  • These Satan-worshiping Sodomites are all going to burn in hell.