Two Cow Garage Looking for Drummer

From the band:

Well….you gotta play the hand you’re dealt….right?

We (Two Cow Garage) need a new drummer. Ours quit w/o proper notice and we didn’t see it coming.

Must be willing to tour a lot (100-200 out-of-town shows/year). There is no guarantee that he or she will make a lot of money, in fact I can almost guarantee the opposite. But you will get to travel all over the United States and Western Europe playing rock and roll, and get paid at least enough to eat every day and have a roof over your head when you sleep. Sometimes we’ll even be able to pay you handsomely. Other times, you’ll live off of $10.00/day.

We’re looking for somebody to be IN the band, not just a fill in.

Please email me at or send a messgae thru Myspace.

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