Watershed CD release party

Duffy was supposed to pass along a promo copy of Watershed’s new live CD – Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust II – to me to review before the big sha-bang tonight at mini-Polaris (aka outdoor venue The LC located in the heart of Columbus) but the pass off never happened so now I just have to write about how damn swell I think the live album is even though I haven’t heard it yet.

The details: Watershed / Earwig / Two Cow Garage @ Lifestyles Community Pavilion. It’ll cost ya $10 to get in the door but that only works out to like $3.33 per band and they are all definitely worth at least $4 a piece so you’re actually getting a discounted rate for the show. Tentatively Two Cow goes on 7:30, Earwig at 8:15 and Watershed at 9:15.

Here’s Watershed’s “Fifth of July” video to tide you over and an mp3 from the new album.

MP3: Anniversary (Live)

(Review forthcoming)

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