Bird and Flower

Eve Searls from Columbus OH performs under the name Bird and Flower. She just had her first show a few days ago at Surly Girl with The Black Swans, and although I missed it, everyone I spoke to said it was really good.

Eve’s been making music for a few years now, and only recently started to let it creep out on her website and Myspace page. The collection of songs are a mixture of lo-fi bedroom recordings, ranging from 4-track to laptop. There’s not a lot of production in the songs, giving the listner an intimate connection with the music.

While there’s no other Bird and Flower shows on the horizon yet, I imagine that’ll be changing soon enough as word spreads of her music.

MP3: Sucker Song
MP3: That’s the Ticket
MP3: What Are You Doing Every Day?

  • Justin Gruenville

    nice songs- laid back. I’d like to hear bird and flower in person-nice tat

  • frank

    me likey