Farewell Movable Type


(warning: nerd talk)

For almost five years, the blogging software Movable Type has been powering donewaiting.com. It’s done a great job, but as time went on, I became jealous of people using WordPress. On top of that, the latest version of MT confused my peanut-sized brain, and I just couldn’t deal with it. So I made the switch, and here we are.

I’m still toying with the design, and some of the pictures are blowing out the template, but overall I think we’re in a good place. The new design sort of calls back the original donewaiting design back in the day…… Let me know if you run into any problems…

  • I love nerd talk!

    Great decision. I’ve never used MT but I LOVE WordPress. I’ve used it for 4 sites now, it’s always able to expand functionality-wise as needed, and it’s killer for search-engine optimization.