Sasquatch Sighting in Ohio


My homie and crewmate from Portland, Sasquatch, was in Ohio for a week or so for… Scribble…bombing…bbqing..discussions about falling in and out of love at inopportune times…discussions about the need for more classy behavior in graffiti… discussions about the worldwide onslaught of condos(Portland and Spain are getting gentrified)…discussions the overuse of u-locks in fights in Portland by hipsters at artshows….his conclusion…
Pluto has left the universe, and we are all thrown off by it.
Dood was hella likable…

After googling him, I found that even the anti-graffiti forces have a soft spot for him according to this Portland Tribune Article:

Tribune: Have you ever met one face to face?

Gibbar: I have. Most of the time they don’t know who I am. Last month one of the Sasquatch (a tagger gang) had an art showing in Northeast Portland where he had done stencils and had spray-painted them on paper. He was having a showing at a boutique up there. I just went to see him and visited a little bit.

Tribune: Why did you do that?

Gibbar: I’d like to think in the long run it pays to know your enemy.

Tribune: How did you know he was a tagger?

Gibbar: He advertised his own show by putting up posters that said there’s a Sasquatch art show.

Tribune: Couldn’t he have been arrested?

Gibbar: That’s an excellent question. The only way a tagger can actually be arrested for tagging in this town is if they’re caught in the act. I should add that he was wearing a fake mustache at the show.

Tribune: And the reason for the mustache was what, exactly?

Gibbar: I think he wanted to maintain some element of anonymity. The man is guilty of a tremendous amount of property crime, but I don’t think he understands the law.

Tribune: Some people consider graffiti an art form. Has there ever been a tag you found hard to remove?

Gibbar: In my two years here, having removed thousands and thousands of tags, there are only two tags I really felt bad about. One was an out-of-town guy and the other was a Sasquatch tag. It was really nice. They spent a great deal of time on it. But 99 percent of the art is weak and the work of toys, which is graffiti slang for not very good. For us it’s all day, every day. We’re way beyond being art critics at this point.