The Celebrity Pilots “Spooky Action”

Celebrity Pilots

Sunken Treasure Records alumni The Celebrity Pilots have self-released their latest album, “Spooky Action.” Recorded once again by Todd Tobias, the album features all that poppy, synthy goodness that made me fall in love with the band in the first place. And man, I just love Chris Sheehan’s lyrics. He’s one of the few Ohio musicians that if he put out a book of just his lyrics, I’d buy it.

They played their Columbus album release show last night at Carabar, and the band has never sounded better live. The crowd was small but peppy. Going on at 1:30am for your album release is never the best circumstances, but the show must go on. The sasquatch documentary projecting behind them was a nice touch, too. I’d love to see them play out live more, though. There’s definitely an audience for their music, they just need to be able to hear it.

MP3: Our Dumb Century
MP3: Faintest Of The Sexes
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  • jenny

    anyone know if this is gonna be available on itunes?