Matt and Kim

I caught Matt and Kim a few weeks ago at the Sonic Muse Festival with Ted Leo and The Hold Steady. Honestly, I had never really paid much attention to the band so I didn’t know what to expect. By the end of their set, I was totally in love, and I ended up buying their CD (one of the few CDs I’ve bought in 2007, the year I’ve tried to go almost exclusively digital or vinyl).

Matt and Kim are a keyboard and drum duo, and they rock harder than most 5 piece bands I’ve seen lately. Besides making really witty, smart, quirky pop songs, the bands have a stage presence that is totally contagious – I swear I didn’t see Kim stop smiling for the entire performance.

Check out this video of them playing in someone’s living room. It gives you a great indication of how the live show is. They could definitely hang opening for your favorite indie band or punk band.

They’re currently on tour with Against Me! and David Dondero. Click here for all the tour dates.

MP3: Yea Yeah
MP3: No More Long Years
(Photo by HolyHolySnappers)

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    They might be good, but that video is just bad drumming and atonal yelling into a mic.