Mistah Fab Bodies Royce the 5″ 9

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First Kanye beats Cuuuurtis on the Soundscan, and now Hyphy scraper FAB aka the Baydestrian beats Royce , a rapper’s rapper, in a NYC battle. Weird black doods are now 2-0 over stiff street cats this week. Got grapes?

  • hahah royce got booed



  • weswes

    that was my favorite part..
    some angry new yorker yelling at royce to get off the stage.

  • shawn

    thizz what it izzzzz!

  • bill

    jeah, amazing

  • I was the nigga yellin out MIDWEST and ROYCE.
    Oh, those oohs were boos mostly from FAB.
    He came raw but it was still cutnpaste…most of them rhymes was for royce…that shit got delayed like crazy and dude was there…
    niggas got tired…so naw…
    “nah you aint get no credit for that…you aint get no credit for THAT!”

  • weswes

    so i take it you met royce and kicked it with him when you were there.