Saturday: Bears in Columbus


I’m really excited about the Columbus debut of Bears tomorrow night at Andyman’s Treehouse. Their Cleveland brand of indie pop has a lot of elements that I’m sure appeals to most people to check out this site, so don’t sleep on this one!

Also on the bill are the newly re-energized Kyle Sowashes and The Whiles.

MP3: How to Live

  • larrymusic

    Not to be confused with THE Bears, who are fucking awesome. I’ll check out Bears though and hope that their music is more original than their name.

  • larrymusic

    Wow, they are terrible. Sorry.

  • helen

    wow, YOU are wrong big boy. i have been loving this song all day!

  • the ghost of bob dylan

    AGREE, this is good!

  • re-energized, f yes. we’ve been heavy into the trucker speed lately…