New Amber Lee Demo: Kiss Kiss Kiss

Columbus musician and artist Amber Lee has just released another demo on her MySpace page for a new song, “Kiss Kiss Kiss.” Download it below.

She’s eventually putting an album out on local label She He It Records, and I’m really anxious to hear the final product. I become a bigger fan with each new song I hear.

MP3: Kiss Kiss Kiss (demo) by Amber Lee

  • Bec

    Looking for a great new artist? Check out Kyrie. She has an incredible voice and a great knack for finding the perfect lyrics.

  • Greg

    This is a really nifty song. I shall have to grab it. She reminds me of a dark Firefox AK ( When’s her album out?

  • Yeah!!

    I’ve been loving on this gall for years now, and I’m glad she’s finally pulling some of these hot rocks out of hiding.

    Viva Amber Lee!