Manup Music Is Dead. Long Live Nice Life

I don’t think it’s the world’s biggest secret that local Columbus record label Manup Music, co-owned by David Lynch and Carabar Ron, has come to an end. After releasing several excellent albums by bands such as Church of the Red Museum, The Lindsay, and Rosehips, the label is no more.

I spoke to Ron yesterday and he told me he’s launching a new label, “Nice Life.” The first release will be by The Slide Machine. The release show is Friday, and will also serve as Ron’s birthday party. More details about the show here. After that, there is the Church of the Red Museum seven inch later this month.

Ron said while he might put a few Columbus albums out at first, the plan is to release bands from all over the country, and not make the label locals only. There’s no website or Myspace page for the label yet, which seems to fall in line with how Ron does things.

Here’s two songs from The Slide Machine. I’m not sure if they’re going to be on this new seven inch or not, but it definitely gives you a good taste as to what they’re all about.

MP3: 2000 Czech Crown by The Slide Machine
MP3: SnakesvsHorse by The Slide Machine

  • The Lindsay should send a demo to:

    ALIVE records, attn. Patrick Boissel, POB 7112, Burbank CA 91510

  • Dang Yo

    Perhaps those bands should have played out of town more, to sell more of their CDs.

  • The Lindsay and Alive Recs…that’s a perfect fit.

    And yeah, Manup bands could have standed to tour a bit, but that’s not the reason it fell apart. Obviously sales are not a huge issue as Ron is still putting out records. In fact, he’ll hopefully turn the release schedule into overdrive once spring hits.

    That said, Ron is going to focus on bands that plan on/do hit the road….Can’t hurt.

    Finally, Duffy didn’t mention one of Nice Life’s more interesting trademarks…all of the artwork for the releases will be black-on-black. It will be interesting to see where that goes.

  • tam

    don’t forget KYLE SOWASH!

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