OiNK Shut Down; Operator Arrested, “Industry” Rejoices

This morning in Northern England a 24-year-old-man was arrested as part of an investigation into the enormous file-sharing website oink.cd. The site, which required a membership for access to its files, has been one of the largest torrent trading sites over the past three years. The man’s father was also arrested, and his home and site of employment have been raided.


This is huge news considering OiNK was one of the most well-known file-sharing sites online. It will be interesting to see what happens from here. Will there be an illegal-downloading fallout or will more sites continue to pop up?

  • Yes, here goes…

    Well all the users are still there…and all the content is all user uploaded…so we just need to find another resource to connect users together…and oinks returns will surely happen…

  • wendy

    I guess one can only hope that someone would be so fucking stupid as to take on that particular role.

    I guess though, there will be hope for leniency for the guy from OiNK in that he probably has a lot of names to trade to the cops for a reduced sentence.