Pos 2 Gives Up Lost Columbus Hip Hop Tracks

Pos 2 of the Fonosluts opened up the vaults., and blessed the folks over at www.weightless.net with some rare recordings by Da Intalec, DJ Przm, Illogic, and Him & Me(Meta4ce+ Zero’s rap group).

Here is what Pos posted:

ok. so for the past year i have considered starting a blog but to do it right it seems it would be time consuming. time is something i don’t have very much of these days.so if i did have one it might go something like this(just to let you know, my writing skills suck…i just like the people to read the stories behind it)……

Tuesday, October 30th 2007!

The many projects……..

Copywrite calls me up this past weekend asking for some old songs he did years ago for a best of mixtape he’s about to drop. So while diggin thru my cd collection to find some tracks for him, I come across some Columbus goodies that have never seen the light of day. Some of these I have even forgot what they were and not sure how I even got my hands on them. Regardless, this is some shit I found on accident and would like to share with you….

This was given to me by Numeric about 3 years ago after he was going thru some of his old tapes and he had converted them to cd. This is from a show his group, Poets of Hersey, did with Intalec…THE MENTOR FOR THE CITY! …. at stache’s in ’94 (formely lil brothers). Some of the earliest recordings in Columbus hiphop history right here that I have ever heard. I could go on for days about Intalec and what he stood for in Columbus hiphop in the early/mid 90’s but that’s another time. Enjoy…….
MP3: Intalec live @ stache’s

Illogic, Przm, and Him & Me jawns after the jump

Next up we have the R.C.A. project! RCA stands for Recovering Crack Addicts. 2 mc’s on this project are Illogic and Untitled. Untitled changed his name a few years later to Andrew baga donuts when he joined the spitball crew. 3 producers behind this project… DJ lozone, truskills, and dj przm. To the best of my knowledge this was all recorded in ’99-2000. No idea why this project never saw the light of day but my personal opinion is it was sat on so long, it souded dated. So by the time this would have dropped, the dips and kanye had taking over and had influenced alot of heads.
So here’s 2 tracks. The 1st track is the intro and I always enjoyed this track because of how long im sure it took to break up the R C A and arrange this shit. Lozone was behind the master mind of this intro.
MP3: Rca intro

2nd track is called “land vs. fluid” It’s basically Untitled as fluid and Illogic as land and they’re battling over who is the dopest. Instead of battling over money and hoe’s…we battling over land! READ A BOOK!
MP3: Rca “land vs. fluid”

Now, a crew I know something about…SPITBALL!
I’ll make this quick. Here’s 2 tracks from the lp(straw that broke the camels back) that should have dropped in early 2002. Przm the perfectionist and Intalec’s personal problems is the sole reason this was never released. “Back to the Basics” to me should have been a single. This use to kill at shows….
MP3:back to the basics”

and this is an interlude przm made, I have no idea what dude was on this day but I remember he called me into his room as soon as he was done with this shit and I absolutely loved it. He said this was his best attempt at making an “art fag” song. Art faggotry was popular in the early 2000’s. You can now call them wilderness whites.
MP3: Spitball interlude

last but not least…..
2 of my favorite mc’s this city has to offer!
Meta4ce and ZERO STAR!

The 2 had formed a group called him and me im guessing around ’03 or ’04. They recorded some songs in somebody’s kitchen or shower and if you could hear some of these songs it’s so obvious. The 2 songs I put up are the 2 with the best quality on a cd with 8 songs. How I have this cd I have no idea. Im guessing Meta4ce left it laying around the fonoslut mansion by Easton and I just held onto it. They never really “broke up” the group, cats is just doing different things.
But here are 2 tracks for your enjoyment. I have no titles or any info on producers for these but im guessing the 2nd tracks was produced by Reedic of Field Squad.

MP3: Him and me

MP3: Him and me

ok, thank you for your time and hope you enjoy. Any feedback would be appreciated!


DJ Pos2 will be Dejaying at Bourbon Street Tonight

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