The Evil Queens Heading to Chicago, Detroit This Weekend

MP3: Year of the Cretin
MP3: Wildflower

The Evil Queens are a band on the record label, Sunken Treasure Records. They’re heading to Chicago and Detroit this weekend:

11/2 Detroit @ The Belmont
with None More Black

11/3 Chicago @ Quencher’s
with Milk at Midnight and America’s #1 Sweetheart

America’s #1 Sweetheart also features Chicago man-about-town Tankboy. I think it’s one of their first shows.

Here’s a recent review from Jambase:

The Evil Queens are the Buckeye State’s best kept secret. Charging with a brand of sloppy stoner rock that’s tough as nails, you could easily find the Queens sitting at the end of a bar sharing a bottle of Old Granddad or challenging you to a tussle with a broken bottle. While the music has the most abrasive elements of grunge ala early Soundgarden and the tormenting stance of Mudhoney, it’s bar rock and “fuck you” attitude will leave the leave barkeep mopping up blood and sweeping teeth off the floor after one of their gigs. Guitarist Mike Eckhardt’s scraggy riffs are more chiseled than Clint Eastwood while the chili powder snarl from lead man Jacob Sundermeyer’s voice sears with the heat of a tattoo needle. Loud, fiery and pulverizing, The Evil Queens remind us that rock & roll and troublemaking have never been too far apart.

  • America’s #1 Sweetheart has been around since 1998, I think. However this is my very first show with them, and my first time behind a drum kit, in front of a crowd, since … oh … 1995.

    It should be lotsa fun.