MP3: Never Easy by Church of the Red Museum

MP3: Never Easy

Hypothetically speaking…

If I ever went a little loopy and started to go on a murder spree, “Never Easy” by Church of the Red Museum would be my one song soundtrack, set on constant loop until all the killing was done. This song, featured on the band’s new seven inch, is a ton of macabre fun. It’s the sound of people doing devious things in the night with smiles on their faces.

I’m not sure how you can pick up the seven inch outside of their lives shows, but I’d contact the band via Myspace and ask them.

(and if you hear that song coming out of my iPod headphones while I’m walking down the street, you better watch out!)

  • I believe all the local record stores have received copies of the new 7″.

    You can also pick one up from us this Saturday 11/17 at Andyman’s Treehouse where we will be performing. We are the opening act for the Megan Palmer release show.
    See you there.

  • robby

    awww, duffy….that’s the nicest compliment we’ve ever gotten!

    finally, we’d get to be mentioned alongside marilyn manson!