Early Blueprint Song

Print was going through some old music and posted this on Weightless.net today.

Greenhouse Effect “1997” demos – this is before up to speed…the demos that ended up being up to speed but completely different beats…plus there’s like 4 or 5 solo songs i did that i completely forgot about like an original version of time management w different lyrics. This shit is wild to listen to. I sound like a cross between cl smooth and somebody from the pharcyde…but the rhymes are suprisingly not wack. inkwel sounds superlaid back, but dope. I had no idea i ever put this stuff on a cd. Its about an hrs worth of shit w/ random interludes on it.

Then he gave away a mp3 of an early Greenhouse Effect song. It’s pretty good. Kinda details why and how he started making music.

MP3:Greenhouse EffectToo Busy Building

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