Ginuwine Week on

R & B Hearthrob Ginuwine is performing at the Cove this Saturday. So I , the King of R & B, have declared it Ginuwine week. So everyday(or until Robert Duffy sends me an email telling me that while he thinks its kinda funny, Ginuwine is not interesting to any reader of this website other than maybe Sam Craighead) I will be posting a video by Ginuwine.

This one possesses the great use of an equestrian euphanism, and perhaps one most romantic hooks in the history of music. The premise for the video is genuis as well. Our hero, Ginuwine, is errantly booked to peform at country bar. At first the usual patrons of the bar are skeptical, but eventually Ginuwine’s vibrations win the reguars over, as they begin to dance with our hero’s fans.

YouTube Preview Image


  • sam craighead

    this one’s a classic

  • m.

    uhhh, so if nothing else is happening on saturday…… were gonig to this, right?!

  • m.

    shit… of our desingers is having a party that night, i just bought a jacket for it…….shit…..hopefully itll end early.damn it.


  • DeVille

    Ginuwine is interesting to me. But I am more of a “What’s So Different” fan.

  • sam craighead

    ginuwine week followup with more videos over at

  • http://deleted weswes

    ladies free before 11.
    from what i understand this is supposed to be columbus’ hottest bacheaorlette party.

  • k

    i still have this cd single.

  • kyle

    Genuwine. Buildin’ bridges.