Ginuwine Week PT.2

This next post is devoted to jeans. The homie DCKareem is opening up his boutique Milk Bar on 5th and High. I guess he has organic jeans coming at a decent price. We have all been kicking it there. Today I saw plenty of clothing that would look cute and sexually attractive on females. Milk Bar is having a grand opening party this Saturday, during Gallery Hop, before the Ginuwine show at the Cove.

I felt like it was only right that we talk about those girl “In those Jeans”. Ginuwine knows what it is. And once again we find our hero, Ginuwine, crossing cultural barriers. This time he is in a Geisha house. Even though its about women with large glutes, and how they look in their denimwares, there are also scantly clad women in kinomos. I would have rather just have women in tight jeans, but it would’nt have been as groundbreaking and trancendent if it followed my narrow world view.

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Ginuwine:In Those Jeans

  • i almost posted that one. how much is the show?

  • weswes

    sam i felt like you were very kind in not taking certain songs that i had my heart on.

    as far as this show..
    its a club show which means the door prices increase through the night.

    To see this at at decent price i suggest getting there at 10:30. And you will have to wait until 1:45 to 2 am for him to go on.

    don’t wear a hat or they will charge you more.

  • if i ever get my shit together, my boy ben and i are gonna premiere a brand of shirts at milk bar under the name “arm & ham”.

    be on the lookout.

  • Eric

    Just to let you guys know, The Milk Bar is opening now. We’d like to thank you guys who came and partied with us. In addition to that, I wanted to let everyone know that there are three owners, DC Kareem, Eric Hayes, and Kani Brown.

    P.S. Wes whats good with the alive article?

  • weswes

    eric said…stop giving that man all the credit..
    . i got you man..
    i am gonna put the pictures up from the opening tonight.
    i will be in the store to interview you doods soon enough.