The Breeders Return, Playing SXSW

New album out in April. Details here. According to a bulletin on their Myspage page, The Breeders are playing SXSW 2008.

  • doug

    best news in a while.
    and the first band that makes me wish i was going down to sxsw.

  • lee

    yes, this is awesome news. I was so happy with title TK and have been a breeders fan from jump.

  • i was very pleasantly surprised with the breeders last album tk. it was actually really really good.. and i didn’t expect that at all. i figured them for washed up.. but oh no, they proved me very wrong. if you were a breeders fan back in the 90’s, just give tk a chance. i guarantee you will like it.

  • Oh my god, now i really can’t wait till march. As if i wasn’t excited enough already. And by the way irongoat81, how the hell could you ever say the breeders were ‘washed up’. HAve you heard the other two albums? They are just as good if not better than Title TK. Also, Carlis Star will be playing SXSW (

  • Alex

    Total score. Don’t think there was really an equivalent type of act at last year’s, absolutely delighted there’s a reason to be excited already this year. Especially if they don’t give up the full list until five minutes before I get on the damn plane again.