Staff Favorites of 2007: Robert Duffy

I can’t say these are the best albums of the year, but they’re the ones that certainly got the most play by me. Columbus OH list coming seperately.

In reverse alphabetical order, no ranking.

The White Stripes, Icky Thump

This is only one of two albums from 2007 that I bought both the vinyl and CD version. ’nuff said, haters!
Video:: Conquest

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky
Look, I own the Jeff Tweedy poetry book. I’m in deep with this band, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. “Sky Blue Sky” is another collection of solid songs from one of America’s most important bands.
MP3: Impossible Germany

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Living with the Living
It was good to see Ted expanding his bag of tricks, making an album that sounded both new and familiar at the same time. One of the few American musicians who actually thinks about politics these days, and sings about them. Last of the independents.
MP3: Colleen

Once Soundtrack

Oh Glen Hansard, please forgive me. I didn’t care much for the last album by your band, The Frames, and that made me sad. But then you go and do this movie and do this soundtrack (which contained some songs I had previously written off), and I fall in love. Along with Marketa Irglova, the music on this soundtrack is beautiful and heartbreaking. I can’t wait for the film to come out on DVD so I can share it with friends and play it to death. (Finding a vinyl copy at Shake It Records with Shiv was a nice bonus, WORD).
MP3: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglov

The New Pornographers, Challengers

I’ve not been the world’s biggest fan of The New Pornographers. I’ve liked some albums, and others I’ve let fall out of my life completely after a few listens. “Challengers” is my favorite album from the band so far. There is just something epic about the songs on this that I really can’t get enough of… I know some diehard fans didn’t really like this one, but maybe give it another chance dudes.
Video: Challengers

M.I.A., Kala

MIA makes exciting, danceable political music. It makes me want to go to mysterious jungles and start shooting machine guns, I can’t explain it. There’s lots of layers to this music, and every time I listen to the album I hear something new. And I love the vinyl packaging.
MP3: Jimmy (DJ Eli Remix)

Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City

Yo I think everyone sort of hated this album but I actually like it as much as their debut, “Silent Alarm.” Rich and textured in both music and lyrics. Still as fresh as when I picked it up in February.
Video: The Prayer

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible

Okay that flash video they put out like a month ago was lame, let’s not kid ourselves. But this band is still living up to the hype, and that’s not an easy thing to do these days.
Stream: No Cars Go

AA Bondy, American Hearts

When I played this at one Happy Hour, this old rambler came up to me and asked if I was playing Willie Nelson. Now, Bondy might not have the experience of Nelson, but he certainly knows how to strip it down to the essentials and make a really great record. In this case, less is more.
MP3: Vice Rag
MP3: There’s A Reason

  • jones

    Good to see Bondy getting some love.

  • Great list. I need to revisit that AA Bondy album.

  • Definitely a good list. The AA Bondy is something I need to give another listen.

    Check Houston Calling soon for my 2007 favorites list.

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  • CurtyB

    YESSSSSS! FINALLY someone mentions Bloc Party. They’re in my top 5 this year.

  • Kevin

    Seriously? Bloc Party? Have you listened to more than nine albums this year?

  • Oz

    I hated bloc party and probably wouldn’t have included arcade fire in my top 75 of 2007. But lists are like a-holes right? Your a-hole just introduced me to AA Bondy and I’m grateful. He’s right up my alley. No pun intended.

  • How much do I love the fact that Duffy described some old dude as a ‘rambler’?

  • Nice to see someone else pick the Once soundtrack. I was beginning to think I’d be the only one.

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