Staff Favorites of 2007: Doug Elliott

1. Psychedelic Horseshit, Magic Flowers Droned (Siltbreeze)
The most sincere record of the year. Despite it’s pasted-together ambiance, Magic Flowers Droned is a meticulously-crafted manifesto against the mundane, the disposable, and the transparent. Mr. Whitehurst is at once the most detail-oriented and haphazard person I know.

2. Panda Bear, Person Pitch (Paw Tracks)
Beautiful and uplifting without overstatement, Noah Lennox has trumped every dream-pop or collage-work record over the last fifteen years, including his own band’s best work, with Person Pitch. The most forward-looking album of 2007.

3. Blues Control, Puff (Woodsist)
True postmodern psychedelia. Guitar, keys, some pedals and a Walkman are all this duo need to create a 21st Century Atlantis. It’s like the bong is taking hits from you.

4. Justice – † (Vice/Ed Banger)
The Ed Banger hype finally culminates stateside with this French duo’s debut. House grooves, hi-jacked funk, disco strings, a Devo video sample…this is a rare dance record that will stand the test of time.

5. Pink Reason – Cleaning the Mirror (Siltbreeze)
Primal screams from Kevin DuBroux, the Midwest’s finest post-hardcore singer/songwriter (don’t call him that to his face). Rumors that he might end the PR book have me bummed.
Stream: Pink Reason

6. Los Llamarada, The Exploding Now (S-S)
Never-wave jams outta Monterrey, Mexico. This one climbed up my list as ’07 rolled along, its scuzzy vibes finally able to penetrate my dense skull.

7. Times New Viking – The Paisley Reich (Siltbreeze)
I would probably put this in my top two or three if a) it were a tad longer, b) the drummer wasn’t my brother and c) they didn’t have the album of the year ’08 coming out in a little more than a month. Still, a huge piece in the TNV puzzle and the most bang out of fifteen minutes ever.

8. Burial, Untrue (Hyperdub)
As big a breakthrough for dubstep you’ll see in the US, Burial takes a dated artform (minimal breaks) and somehow makes it vital again.

9. Shocking Pinks, Shocking Pinks (Astralwerks/DFA)
Not quite your older brother’s Kiwi Pop. DFA compiles the best from Nick Harte’s two Flying Nun albums to make this domestic long-player. Love the live feel of these recordings.
MP3: Second Hand Girl

10. Der TPK, Harmful Emotions (Siltbreeze)
Read my full review of this here.

11. Sword Heaven, Entrance (Load)
Read my review of Entrance here.

12. R. Kelly – Double Up (Jive)
I wish Kels would serialize “Real Talk” like he did “Trapped in the Closet”. And isn’t it time he got his own reality show?
MP3: Real Talk

13. The Field, From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt)
A human pulse for adderall-fueled robots. Warmth + repetition = ecstasy.
MP3: Everyday

14. Sonic Chicken 4, Sonic Chicken 4 (In the Red)
SC4 are a French group that play spirited garage in the VU/Kinks vein. Fun stuff, I’m really kicking myself for missing not one but two shows in Columbus this Fall.
Link: Sonic Chicken 4 live on Cherry Blossom Clinic

15. Group Doueh, Guitar Music From the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)Sublime Frequencies’ first foray into new, album-length releases, Guitar Music showcases Doueh’s virtuosic string talents. This is their first official release outside of Morocco and deserves a much wider edition than its 1000 copy, vinyl-only run.
Link: About Dakhla, Morocco

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    all hall sword heaven, conquerers of the WORLD

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    What the heck is “never wave?”

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