Young Joc Speaks on His Cleveland Arrest on 107.5

Young Joc got arrested a few days ago for having a gun at a Cleveland airport. Well, this arrest left the fate of his Columbus show at Club Ice in doubt. My girl Donna Marbury just emailed me this interview that Joc did on Columbus’ 107.5 about the arrest, his new record, and confirming that it is indeed er..going down at Club Ice.

Rapper Yung Joc gave his first interview since his arrest in Columbus, Ohio for Power 107.5 FM with host John Blaze. The transcribed interview is below, along with photos. He talked about his arrest, being victimized by the media, along with giving out his phone number and email address!! Concert photos will be coming after tonight’s show! Photos courtesy of CBUSTED.COM.

Blaze: I got my man in here, Hustlenomics in stores now…what’s up Yung Joc?

Yung Joc: Yeah man, A-town in the building. Ohio, what it do?

B: Alot of people thought you weren’t gonna make the show today, dog.

YJ: I don’t care what alot of people thought. That’s what the media will do for you. Big round of applause for the media [cheers and claps]. Man, the media will have you believing all kinds of stuff.

B: Everything’s cool though?

YJ: Everything is great man…[they] callin’ me a fugitive, sayin I’m on the run..come on, man.

B: Why is it when you’re Black, you’re a fugitive?

YJ: I don’t know. That’s a powerful word though, that’s a strong word.

B: Now let me ask you this: Hustlenomics in the stores right now, what’s the hottest track on there, to you?

YJ: I got alot of records on there that I like.

B: If you had to pick one, just give me one

YJ: “I’m A G”, “Bottle Poppin”, “Play Your Cards”

B: What do you have in store tonight?

YJ: Man, I’m..I’m so happy man that, you know..we ain’t got no problems man. I’m gonna hit Club Ice tonight, man imma do it WAY big. I’m talkin about I got the fam with me, I brought my new artist. I mean it’s crazy like….we came to have a good time, man.

B: So you’re going to shut the CO down tonight?

YJ: We’re gonna do something

B: I remember last time you were here, it was a hell of a show.

YJ: We’re gonna do something here

B: Now let me ask you this, being with Block Entertainment and doing your thing, how is that working out for you?

YJ: It’s workin’ out cool. You know what I’m sayin? I’m still workin, I’m still grindin. You know what I’m sayin? The bills still gettin paid, the babies bellies is still full. Christmas was a good one..goin into a new year, and it’s gonna be glorious.

B: That’s what’s up. You got any plans for the big screen? You know how alot of rappers is actors now an—

YJ: We already workin on it man. You know, I read for several movies and you know I can’t really talk about it. It’s like, you let the people that get paid to let out those exclusive press releases. You let them do what they do..what they get paid to do, and imma let them do that.

B: Now let me ask you this…

YJ: Uh-oh, here it go, come on..

B: Now with yesterday’s interaction–

YJ: Talk fast, talk fast

B: Now with yesterday’s interaction, what do you suggest to cats out there when they like..cause alot of celebrities are getting caught up, especially our Black celebrities.What do you suggest that they do to stay out of of trouble

YJ: You know what, man? You just gotta think. My situation was a mishap. I ain’t supposed to talk about it..but hell, I’m keepin it real. They’re slandering my character all over everywhere, I’m a “fugitive on the run”..get the hell out of here, man. Listen, I ain’t know it was on me, I didn’t even have the bag the whole trip. Boom. That’s why I wasn’t charged with federal charges.

B: Columbus..he set the record straight right here on Power 107.5!

YJ: When I talked to the FBI..them folks said “ this ain’t it..this man good”

B: I don’t know if they want you to say anymore, but you’re going to keep saying it?

YJ: Man, I don’t care. I’m gonna keep saying it. I’m good. I’m innocent. God is good.

B: Again tonight, Club’s goin down

YJ: You know what I’m sayin. I go everywhere. I go to Club Ice in Columbus. I go to the Boys and Girls Clubs all over the world. I donate a whole lot of money to charities..put THAT out there on the news. Naw man, but you know..I’m just happy. We’re going into 08, al ot of people didn’t even make it to see ’07, let alone ’08.

Blaze: You love to put kids all on your stuff too

Yung Joc: Hey..hey man, they’re the future. They’re the future G’s of tomorrow. I’m a G. For the kids I got t-shirts that say “I’m A Genius”

B: Are you going to throw those out tonight at the show?

YJ: Oh yeah, we’re gonna act a fool tonight at the show. Listen, I can’t just do it like this, man.

B: How you want to do it?

YJ: This [is] what I need to do. I got..50 VIP passes, that I’m buyin. This is for the ladies. Ladies, if you want these VIP passes–you know how I get down, I like to have fun. Where the mall at around here?

B: What mall you want to go to? You want to go to Eastland?

YJ: Listen, you already know what it is. I want to go to the hood. Take me to the hood.

B: We can go to Eastland, then we have to hit Easton. That’s a nice mall too.

YJ: Now listen, I ain’t come here to just to be mall hoppin’

B: What else you want to do?

YJ: I want to give the ladies my email address. I got a number for them too. (404)-492-6706

B: You’re just throwing out your number?

YJ: Yeah, man why not. This is how I know who really kick it with Yung Joc. You know how some people read all the blogs and all. This is how they get the VIP passes, they have to email me at Big shout out to Carlito, DJ Black, Big Ron. Bigh shout out to Mount Vernon, Brittany Hills, Short North

  • Victoria

    Yung Joc is the best Rapper ever!
    And I love the jackets in the picture up there.
    I love Yung Joc sooooo much.
    And that stupid phone number ain’t even really his…
    But whatever, it’s cool.
    I love Joc!!