Artists Can Pay To Increase Myspace Play Stats

Epitaph Recording artist Sage Francis was solicited by a company offering to boost the amount of myspace plays he has for a fee. He posted this hilarious myspace interaction with a company called Want More Plays on Sage’s message board.

Musicians on Myspace seemingly have the need to appear more popular by having extra “plays” on their page’s audio-player. Heh. It’s true. Services are sold. Entrepreneurial Myspace hack-companies look for d-bag artists who need to seem more popular than they actually are. Shallow as it is….dats da troot. However, some artists are part of collectives or labels who are more resourceful (meaning they develop programs of their own that generate more “plays.”) As shallow and lame as this may seem, it happens. I remember checking another musician’s site and thinking, “How is it possible for them to have that many plays when they have such little activity on their page?” Heh. It is what it is. If there are any recording artists on this forum who are in need of looking really cool and important, please pursue the leads I have purposely included in the discussion below.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 1, 2008 2:58 PM

Do you guys need help accumulating plays and views mainly…. anyways, if you would, let us know. we’re cheap compared to the rest of the guys who rip people off.

Alright, upfront, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.
$25 for a thousand plays/views for one day only
$75 for a thousand plays/views per day for a week
$100 for 2000 plays/views everyday for a week
$150 for 5000 plays/views everyday for a week
$200 for 10,000 plays/views everyday for a week

Let me know if you’re interested.

get back to us, also we can work out different prices for how many plays you want per day and same with views. like if you wanted 10 thousand of each per day, etc. just let us know and we’ll work it out with you

Basically if you tell us how many you want per day, etc, we can do that, within reason, or atleast, work up to that point, and we can work with you guys.

We’d love to help out and work with you guys.

Give us an add while you’re at it too

Contact us here or at

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 01/01/2008


—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 1, 2008 8:19 PM

Which plan would you like to start with?

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 01/01/2008

whichever one I can benefit most from

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 2, 2008 3:13 PM

Whats your budget?

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 02/01/2008

Budget is no object.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 2, 2008 8:12 PM

These are the promotion packages we offer to bigger artists:

5,000 a day for 1 month – Total plays a month: 150,000
10,000 plays a day for 1 month – Total Plays a month : 300,000
15,000 plays a day for 1 month – Total Plays a month : 430,000 for a month

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 03/01/2008

I’m gonna have to go with that. Thank you.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 3, 2008 2:41 PM

Which package?

5,000 a day for 1 month – Total plays a month: 150,000

10,000 plays a day for 1 month – Total Plays a month : 300,000

15,000 plays a day for 1 month – Total Plays a month : 430,000 for a month

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 03/01/2008

yes, the one for bigger artists! I’m ready to go on this.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 3, 2008 9:43 PM

15,000 plays a day for 1 month – Total Plays a month : 430,000 for a month

Send the money to:

You can send $600 for the first 2 weeks. Then $600 more for the following 2 weeks unless you want to pay all at once.


We accept Pay Pal. We’re ready when you are.

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 03/01/2008

OK. I’m willing to do this. But do you think if I paid someone I know to check my site multiple times a day I might be able to get close to that many listens? I only ask because I know so many people who could do so much with money like that. I don’t want to just throw this budget around like crazy.

Ready to move.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 4, 2008 8:38 AM

You can pick a smaller promotion package to start with if you doubt our work. No one can sit there and give you plays all day because their IP Adress is detected and myspace doesnt allow that.

15,000 plays a day. 430,000 plays for the month!!!

for $1200 is a good price. All the signed artists that contact us use this plan. Its on you. Let me know when you’re ready.

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 04/01/2008

well it’s kind of important that it looks like more people listen to my music than actually do. You know that that kind of stuff actually matters especially here on myspace. So tell me what I have to do because it feels like I’ve got something burning in my pocket.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 4, 2008 10:23 AM

I will give you a free trial sample. 3000 plays!!!


—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 04/01/2008

wow. How can you even afford to give away stuff like that? Shit, mate. Let’s do it.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 4, 2008 10:35 AM

Well I want to show you that we’re the real deal!

Once I receive the the first payment of $600 we’ll get started.

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 04/01/2008

ok let’s get this rolling. I’m waiting for those free listens just to see if this actually works before I shell over so much money. If you know what I’m saying. But I’m pumped about this. About time someone offers this service.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Want More PROMO?
Date: Jan 5, 2008 7:14 AM

We’re ready when you’re ready!

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: 05/01/2008

I’m ready. I’m already telling my friends about this. All of us could use a boost. So lets do it already. Hook it up.

From: Want More PROMO?
Jan 5, 2008 9:17 AM

We gave you 3000 plays yesterday! Sorry thats more then we give anybody for a free trial. Once we receive the money, we can get started on the monthly plan

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  • That’s hiliarous and brilliant on his part.
    – Aaron

  • Wow. Internet bandwidth is getting scrunched enough as it is (“It’s a series of TUBES”) without 15,000 streams a day being launched with no actual listeners.

  • you can increase your own plays with’s plays promoter

  • Hello, this is myspace security analyst Mark Kasinowski. We are aware that bands are beginning to use fake play generator bots and scripts which strictly violates our users Terms of Servers.

    We have now started sending Music Abuse letters to bands who we are investigating. We delete approximately 14,000 band accounts per day using our automated tools we’ve developed to detect artificial increases in plays views and friends. We are currently compiling a list of sites who provide these types of services.

    We strong urge Bands to carefully consider whether losing all their Myspace friends and account information is worth the $50.00 software that allows you to cheat your plays.

    In addition, we have now implemented a policy where once your band url is detected as cheating and deleted, we block that band url from ever being used again.

    We are working activity to discourage bands from using fake bots and scripts to falsely inflate profile activity. IF you have purchased a software package that claims to increase plays or views, your account will be detected and your band url banned from future use.

    Myspace Security Policy Enforcement

  • keep doin yall thang. :0)

  • Mark, what do you have to say about the bands that have trialed these programs. These companies claim that they do not violate the myspace TOS and so bands think its OK to try them. Don’t you think its wrong to delete bands that didn’t know better or were lied to by these companies? Here’s an example of something I’ve seen happen before: A band gets a message from a plays adding company saying “check your plays, we added 1000 today” on the hopes that you get excited that their program “really works,” and buy it. Now this band has had interaction with these bots against their will. Is it OK to delete them? Seems like a lot of gray area here.


  • Katie Lawhorne and Veronica Ballistrini are two of the biggest offenders using electronic plays on myspace. Why isn’t something done? They are both so obviously doing it. One minute they have x amount of plays and the next a thousand more without any increase in profile views sometimes. Crazy!!! Have to be blind not to see what everyone else does.

  • can you give me some plays and views please so i can see if this is true ?


  • Scott Lawhorne

    I’m interested in your comments. Katie is my niece. She is 12 years old. I very seriously doubt that she has any clue on how to generate plays on her account. She doesn’t even look at her account without her parents. Don’t try to break the spirit of a 12 year old. I’m sure that if there is a problem they will get it resolved.

  • Katie fan

    E. Smith is an idiot s

  • Katie fan


  • Katie fan

    Maybe E.Smith can’t do math very well. If you have 1.4 million profile views and 2.4 million plays don’t you think they might have listened to more than one of Katies songs. Thats my guess because i went to her sight and heard one song and it was so good i listened to all three. That girl is gonna be the next big star in country music. People like E. Smith are just jealous and don’t have anything better to do with their time than try to hurt people that are getting what they deserve

  • NO YOUr wrong. Veronica BAllistrini does not cheat. she has 60,000 friends and 58,000 comments and 4 million profile views. how does she use electronic plays…. she gets so many comments every day…… i just looked she has 8 pages of comments today… thats 400 comments…. in one day…. u cant fake comments…….. i think ur wrong about veronica……..

  • drummer


    What if people use it against rival bands (enemies, whatever) to get them in trouble and get their myspace deleted , in order to hurt them?

    I seen these programs and you can use it on any target myspace, it doesnt have to be your own.

    Wouldnt that be kinda wrong then?

    • Same thing happened to us!!!!!!!! WTF is going on with this shit. We spend way too much time doing things the right way to have some jerk fuck it up.

      Myspace PLEASE HELP!

  • Ron


  • Joe

    Dont use any other myspace plays increaser other than .This sends real plays so it is very legal.All the rest will get your account deleted

  • Thank you so much, that was hilarious! Most artists just don’t get it. Granted, many of them are trying to “rank in the charts,” but can’t any of them see that with all of them trying to do it, none of them will succeed? lol

    Haha, gettting them all hyped up… “I’m ready to go on this”

  • Thanks for an interesting read! I run my own band page at MySpace, you can check us out here: – and yes, our band name is Keygen. Anyways, just to add further to the comments… what a ridiculous activity for bands to participate in. Yikes! Using bots to increase plays doesn’t really make a band more popular, and it’s a shame that many indie artists are falling prey to this pathetic phenomenon. My band, Keygen, refuses to use services like this as we are trying to increase our popularity via the legitimate route of promotion, offering free mp3 downloads, and basically keeping in contact with our friends/fans. This is the only true way to ascertain what folks really think of your music. False stats don’t do anything for the band, or the band members sense of reality about whether or not they will get popular in the future. My band has been online and at MySpace for over two years now… without using any bots, our free mp3 downloads at our website and other places we have shared them has steadily increased, showing us that time and effort and of course, creating fairly good music (especially free music!) has given us some recognition in the indie music world. Thanks to all and anyone who has downloaded our free tracks, shared, and spread the word about my band. You guys rock!!! And just as a last word, myself and band member, Zen, personally answer all messages at our MySpace as we know people like to be acknowledged for their time and effort in posting a message to their favourite band.

  • Can I Get Alot Of Plays & Views Please

  • Xavier

    Yea – I know for a fact that a former disgruntled bandmember tries to use bots on us to get our account deleted. What are you guys at myspace security going to do about that? Get us banned when we didn’t do anything wrong? We spend years developing our page. TOTALLY LAME!

    • Yeah that’s what i’m saying. This is a horrible way to get revenge. Is there any way to put up a block against this shit?!!?!?

  • JSH

    Are you an artist/band and want more song plays on your MySpace page per day? I can increase your song plays by the tens of thousands or more per day if you want. WOW the record companies, existing friends/fans and gain friends/fans! You’ll rise on the MySpace charts too! I can get you those beautiful numbers of 1,000+ MySpace plays per day.

    For only $30, you will receive 30,000 plays for a month.
    $40 = 40,000 plays
    $50 = 50,000 plays
    $60 = 60,000 plays

    You get the idea. No limit! I can give you the plays you want all in one day or spread it out evenly throughout the month. You specify when and how many plays you want.
    These are legitimate and unique song plays. Watch your song plays RISE! How many you want is up to you!

    ***I will also boost page views!***

    Contact and I will give you 500+ plays for FREE to prove it!

    Q: Will this work outside the U.S.A.?
    A: Yes, actually most of my customers are outside the U.S.A.
    Q: Do I have to hack into a myspace account or be logged in or put a code on my page or anything like that?
    A: No!
    Q: Do you guarantee plays?
    A: Yes. Your subscription will be active until you reach the play amount goals.
    Q: Does this interfere with MySpace rules? Can my account get deleted?
    A: Absolutely not. Everything I do complies with MySpace rules and regulations. Things like sending 400 friend requests per day (which I do not do) can get you deleted.
    Q: Do you embed the players somewhere outside my page to acquire the plays?
    A: No. That is against Terms of Use. That would result in account deletion.
    Q: Will you ask for my password?
    A: No. I am not even going to ask for your username, just the page address, that’s all.
    Q: Can I pay by check?
    A: Sorry, Paypal only as of now. It will take credit cards.
    Q: Does the subscription automatically re-bill me?
    A: No. You will have to contact me again for more plays.
    Q: How will I know when my subscription will get activated?
    A: Step 1. I will email you telling you that your purchase was confirmed.
    Step 2. Start looking for those plays!

    *No affiliation with myspace. Only one free example per user.

  • I was readin this and i remember doing something like this before but i got ripped off.

    Can ya give me a sample to proove that it works ?


  • natalie bays

    I often wondered how so many bands with hopeless music had so many plays. Now I know. Try mine
    The hits will be genuine!

  • Myspace Hero!





  • Myspace Hero!


  • can you give me like 2,000 to prove that this works


  • i have always thought that veronica ballestrini used a bot. i have been told by someone that stopped working with her that she did. i just don’t know how a virtual unknown can have 1000 hits by 8:00 am when taylor swift only has 600 or so.
    just my opinion.

  • Peddling Music

    Man doodes need to get the fuck off there asses and promote your band like a normally mother fucker, Honestly do you think people check out the myspace charts??? Be real, cats find pages when they go on random adding spree’s…and if they like your shit tell they’re friends on msn to check you out haha….unless you like sage and already got a massive fan base.

    if you gonna spend 600USD on bullshit like that your better off ordering 1000 promotional printed shirts from china and slap your myspace link on the back of it, when you at shows give that shit out for free…when cats wake the fuck up and cant member what happened the night before they see your shirt and check your link…

    or fuck man royce 5’9 was charging a grand for a callob, your better doing a song with him, cats wont listen to you but they will listen to him haha…

    lazy mother fuckers get out there do shows promote your band get REAL FANS…rots aint gonna buy your albums!!!

  • We need more plays

  • I think this is funny as hell, my band however likes to know exactly how many real plays we get, then we know the promotion we are doing works or not.
    Some bands suck and they know it, but it’s funny how many promoters look at the bands with play generators and give them the good gigs.

  • Those bots get your profile up so it starts the bandwagon effect, once that happens everyone starts watching. I am sure fake plays get you gigs, not sure how many.

  • i want to see how it works can you send a sample of views and ill make my decision

  • Serious Game

    Im gonna be real – the play generators are part of promotions – to all the idiots who havent stopped to think of that . The only reason people including myspace get mad – is cause someone else beat them to the punch on making that money . Regardless of if its a actual person or not listening – it is a number crunching thing . Higher numbers = higher rankings . higher rankings = more legitimate viewers . This “Peddling Music” guy up with the comment up there – complete idiot . You have no idea how much money people make on just catching the public eye from different angles . And to let you know – when in combination of other promotions on the street and online – the generators help make artists money . People need to quit hating on everyone that has gotten ahead . Oh and for the record – the LARGEST market of music SALES is ONLINE . the LARGEST , ONLINE NETWORK is MYSPACE . you do the math .

    and oh yea – if these people are paying for it out of their pocket – and you dont like their music – then why do you give two F***S what they do to promote their product . If they paid for the services and not you – your oppinion dont count for S**T so meddle on somewhere else . get over it .

  • i payed for 5000 views a da and u have not giving me the plays +i have not got any feed back please take care of the problem dont want any altercations your friend romello leon

    my myspace id again is 433213305 thank u

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  • MEL



  • I dislike MySpace music. MySpace is too dirty with spam; I saw that some tools like this one: MySpace Music Plays Increaser allow so called musicians to get popularity on MySpace with black advertising. I think that really cool musician doesn’t need black advertising, it will be popular anyway, event without fake plays. So if MySpace is full with black web promotion, it is place of bad musicians. It is my opinion. waste only

  • Starz

    Yeah I want it let me know something!!

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