DW Year 5 Flyer for Friday Night’s Show

Check out Mike Carney’s piece for the Friday version of DW Year 5:

Donewaiting’s into leather. More about the weekend of shows celebrating DW’s birthday here.

  • weswes

    its more beautiful than the description had me to believe.

  • Mike S.

    NICE. That same photo was used for the great euro-noise CD “Catholic School Boys in Heavy Leather” by Sudden Infant. A true classic.

  • antonio

    is that joe peppercorn?

  • leo

    amazing flyer and lineup. good work, duffy and mike.

  • m.

    actually its a diff. photo careny and i re-shoot, it took like a month to find the right models.

  • Carney

    Luckily I already ownned all the clothes and props.