SXSW Updates: My Morning Jacket, Kimya Dawson, Yo La Tengo???

Press release regarding My Morning Jacket:

My Morning Jacket will be playing with Yo La Tengo at the Houston Verizon Wireless Theatre on March 10th, and at the Austin Music Hall on March 13th. Jim James will also be performing solo at Austin’s St. David’s Church on March 15th.

If Yo La Tengo is in Houston March 10, a SXSW appearance isn’t out of the picture, amiright?

Also.. Kimya Dawson, getting more popular due to her work on the Juno soundtrack, posted to her Livejournal that she’ll be at SXSW, too. (thx Alex)

  • A press release sent out by Warner Brothers yesterday said that R.E.M. will be at Stubb’s on March 12…

  • Snow Patrol played that very same date in that very same venue in Houston last year (I was there visiting mates pre-SXSW) and I thought they’d be a dead cert for a surprise show in Austin a few days later.

    That was until Gary announced onstage that they were knackered after several months of touring and were taking the first available flight home before they wrung each others’ necks.

    Sure that it won’t work out that way for Yo La Tengo though…

  • AreYouKidding?

    Yaris has My Morning Jacket @ Austin Music Hall listed as an invitation only event…anyone know if that’s accurate?

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