Two Cow Garage European Tour 2008

Columbus’ Two Cow Garage are heading East for their second European tour. Lots of dates, lots of countries. If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out.

MP3: Should’ve California

Jan 23 2008 1:00PM Plato (Deventer, Netherlands) In-Store
Jan 23 2008 8:00PM Burgerweeshuis (Deventer, Netherlands)
Jan 24 2008 5:00PM Parkhof TBC (Alkmaar, Netherlands) Radio
Jan 24 2008 8:00PM Studio 6 (Hilversum, Netherlands)
Jan 25 2008 12:00PM Sounds Poptotaalzaak TBC (Venlo, Netherlands)
Jan 25 2008 10:00PM Perron 55 (Venlo, Nehterlands)
Jan 27 2008 8:00PM Paradiso w/ Iron And Wine (Amsterdam,Netherlands)
Jan 29 2008 8:00PM HUB (Exeter, UK)
Jan 30 2008 8:00PM Prince Albert (Brighton, UK)
Jan 31 2008 8:00PM Windmill (Brixton, UK)
Feb 1 2008 8:00PM Dirty Water Club (London, UK)
Feb 4 2008 8:00PM Savoy Club (Gijon, Spain)
Feb 5 2008 8:00PM Gruta ’77 (Madrid, Spain)
Feb 9 2008 8:00PM Elvis et Moi (Fribourg, Switzerland)
Feb 10 2008 8:00PM Arci Tunnel Club (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Feb 11 2008 @ SKC (Belgrade, Serbia)
Feb 13 2008 @ KSET (Zagreb, Croatia)
Feb 14 2008 8:00PM Subway to Peter (Chemnitz, Germany)
Feb 15 2008 8:00PM Real Music Club (Lauchhammer, Germany)
Feb 17 2008 8:00PM 013 (Tilburg, Netherlands)

  • I saw these guys a couple years ago in Houston on like a Wednesday night and they were terrific. I’m glad to see them having some real success.

  • doug

    that picture of them is so great

  • tony

    good dudes

  • Daniela

    We`re expecting them in Zrenjanin, Serbia on 11. 02. It`s not on the list.
    I´m glad to hear that they`re good dudes.

  • jste upln? supr (já jsem uchlná na cow) máte upln? supr písni?ky ale škoda že si vás nemužu stáhnout. díky ahoj