Tonight’s Mars Volta Columbus Show Postponed

Update: The band cancelled their April 18 show in Columbus, too.

From the band’s website:

The Mars Volta show tonight in columbus ohio at the newport music hall has been postponed due to illness. Tickets for tonights performance will be honored at the rescheduled date, to be announced. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date, refunds will be available.

  • mike beaumont

    thanks for telling us in advance you
    assholes!!! This was an absolute fiasco!
    Horrible! I’ll NEVER trust this band or
    promo west again!


    lol shit happens man, chill.

  • ryan

    yea guy it’s not like you lost your money or anything. people get sick, i’m sure if you were throwing up and you had to call off work you wouldn’t get bitched out by assholes like yourself.

  • Jason

    Does anyone know when the show is going to happen?

  • mike

    Sick my ass! They are playing in Toronto
    right now! They just didn’t feel like playing
    in a small place and were willing to piss
    off 1000 people instead of 6,000!
    They will NEVER make that show up!

  • Jeff

    I agree…i took a day off from work, made a four hour trip, and got a room…and they cancel two hours in advance…no apology…they’re not rescheduling

  • 11:11

    they are rescheduling
    probably not till the end of their tour though
    and Cedric’s voice fucked up in the show before this one half way through and they had to stop early
    so i guess i would rather wait than hear a shitty concert

  • justin

    before you get pissed think about this…

    i spent 270 bucks on 4 tickets to see ozzy and rob zombie in cleveland… ozzy canceled. no reschedule, he just flat out canceled. so now your’e saying, that sucks but at least you get your money back, right? wrong, i got the ticket price back, not the ticketmaster surchargers which totaled 59.84. i got fucked out of 60 bucks because ticketmaster doesn’t refund their service fees. so am i bummed about a reschedule? yes, but i am also extremely thankful that it will be rescheduled. btw, i saw TMV at newport when they were touring for deloused. they weren’t too good for it then, and half of them were used to playing arenas with ATDI.

  • Katie

    Yeah, they fucking canceled AGAIN.
    AGAIN. Five minutes before the doors opened.

    They fucking canceled twice.

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  • matt

    why cant he sing stoned on stage like any other rock star what a pussy

  • tom

    yea i bet someone got too fucked up to play

  • bman

    lol i am glad they canceled again because i could not make it to both shows.

    i hope it is in the summer!

  • matt

    get over it people they are not coming back. get your fucking money back and buy a at the drive in record