SXSW Open Discussion #1

Post comments, questions, announcements in the thread. Have news? Post it!


If you’re a band looking for more shows, post in here too. Behave.

  • Bo

    We (Necropolis) are looking to play as many shows as possible in Austin between March 12th and March 15th. Thanks.

  • James

    Anyone know how to score an invite/tix for the “British Embassy Presents:” showcases?

  • fyi:

    In 2007 the 1,000+ artist list was released on Feb 5th, the day-by-day schedule was released on Feb 17th, and wristbands went on-sale Feb 26th.

  • I live hear in Austin and it seems like out of town bands get more help than local bands.


    Monument to No One – Fugazi+Sunny Day+Cave In+Hum

    Bad Day Motorcade – Political by nature. Rock and Roll

  • funnnnn

    two gallants and tapes n’ tapes have both confirmed.

  • this is a list i’ve been compiling from loads of different sources of bands that have announced they are playing, if anyone is interested. there may be a few listed twice, and no doubt there are errors.

  • lisa

    does anyone know approx when wristbands will go on sale?

  • Each March we feature artists that will be attending SXSW. If you or your band are playing, let us know and we can add you. We can do a profile, a free download or a CD review.

    See you in Austin!

  • Laura

    Usually wristbands go on sale closer to when SXSW starts. Last year they only released 4,000 wristbands. The first 2,000 were only open to Austin residents and the 2nd 2,000 were released to everyone.

  • The Naked are looking to play as many shows as possible from March 10th to March 15th.

  • Jim

    We, Night of Pleasure, are looking to play as many shows as humanly or inhumanly possible in Austin during SXSW.

  • The Debauchers from Chicago are looking to play some more shows…we’re currently booked for a set on Saturday, March 15th at 12:30PM, but can play any other time.

  • martin

    Any truth to the Beastie Boys or Rage Against the Machine Rumors?

  • Robert Duffy

    My personal opinion (without any sort of inside knowledge) is that neither will show up.

    I mean, Beastie Boys BEEN THERE DONE THAT two years ago with their surprise performance to promote their DVD.

    As for Rage, their reunion is a money grab.. And I am sure SXSW doesn’t want (or need) to put up that sort of cash for them. They’re looking for the big paydays like Coachella, etc etc.

  • TGS

    can hit me up about British Music Embassy down in Austin.

    More info coming in the next two weeks.

  • Shannon

    Little Radio announced a bunch of bands at their 3 day free party.

  • Carney

    TBK are playing weds night I dunno where.

  • Jebus

    Anyone got info on the Church shows? (Capacity/Sound, etc… )

    Like last year’s Jandek, Bill Callahan @ Central Presbyterian.

    The ones listed so far:
    Central Presbyterian
    St. David’s


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  • I want to say something about the google spreadsheet

    a lot of those bands seem to be from my list at

    not every single band on there is a SXSW official band in fact a lot of them arent like 25% of my list which i see quite a bit of in the spreadsheet list


  • jones

    your spreadsheet is info taking from other sources, hugo…. (and i didnt see any credit there..)

    that’s just how it works….

  • Mellowdrone have announced via their website that they will be attending, but no shows have been listed yet.

  • mike

    wow, pretty excited about MSTRKRFT at the vice party.

  • Old Man Gloom will be playing SXSW.

    Also, The End Records has a showcase on March 15th at The Ale House. The lineup includes Giant, Nadja, Tub Ring, Made Out of Babies, Jarboe, and the Alex Skolnick Trio.

  • I’ll be previewing, covering NYC artists at SXSW. Get back to me if you’re one of them.

  • I know jones but to say they been officially invited is a lie or a stretch at the bare minimum

    but whatever

    i guess my website is being taken into consideration so i should be happy


  • hi hugo

    i didnt suggest that these bands had been officially invited, just that they had announced they were playing. im sure plenty of them wont get official invites but will play parties anyway. i wasnt trying to take any credit for other people’s work, just showing a list i made for personal use, for anyone that was interested. i hadnt heard of your site till now, but ill be checking it from now on.


  • We think this video is a great way to burn three and a half minutes –

    We are totally interested in playing a showcase, parties, and more bbqs when we’re down at SXSW this year. Send us an email so we can set it up.


  • JR Heat

    @ Mike – Where did you see the lineup for the Vice party?

  • greenhorn1

    If anyone from Columbus going to SXSW is planning on attending flatstock and thinks they could get a poster back here undamaged I might be willing to pay a pretty decent delivery fee. Send me an email at lastheathen at gmail dot com if you want more info.

  • looking to play fri-sun. two-piece indie folk from houston

  • will be hosting a big day party on Mar 15th at our space on 2208 S.Lamar, a big, outdoor warehouse compound. A couple of slots are still available. Bands can submit requests to Sponsors include Do512, Sweet Leaf Tea, GamePlan Marketing & Events, New Belgium Brewing, Rozone Productions.

    Also, check out after the lineup is announced. We will list of all official and unofficial SXSW parties, including audio/video/reviews for most bands.

  • whitheat!

    The Spinto Band just said they will be there in a myspace bulletin.

  • Like most bands, we, Blueblood from Chicago, wanna be busy like hell while in Austin. Anyone who has something, or knows of something (party, event) we could jump on, hit us up! We can try to trade shows, or something.


  • my band Trains to Holland is looking for some sxsw GIGS

  • I am looking to play some RAWKIN acoustic sets during SXSW im coming over from the UK so anything considered. email me at check out my music at

    be good

  • Birds & Batteries from San Francisco is also looking for parties to rock on the 12th, 14th or 15th. We’ll play anywhere. Thanks!

  • HTR

    Pete from Harris Radio,

    I noticed your post on about bands from NY heading down to Austin for the festival. We are definitely going to be down there for the entire week, and while we are still waiting for our official invite, we are playing a lot of parties throughout the week, if you like, i can fill you in on the details when they arrive. Thanks


  • HTR

    anyone booking parties, showcases ect., HTR will be down there for the entire week, willing to play almost any time anywhere for free, check out the band at and get back to us at www[dot]holytrinityriver[dot]com if you are interested

  • HI..
    coming over from the U.K
    I’ll be playing at SXSW ..
    and in Austin the entire festival,
    up for playing other shows

  • mike

    I haven’t seen the whole line up. however, MSTRKRFT has that date listed on their myspace as “vice party sxsw”.

  • wwwhatever

    The End Records has announced the lineup for its b>SXSW (b>South by Southwest) showcase this year. The event will be held on March 15, 2008 at The Ale House in Austin, Texas. Artists scheduled to perform are jazz/metal act the ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, singer/songwriter/performer JARBOE, Chicago’s energetic TUB RING, New York’s noisy-heavyweights MADE OUT OF BABIES, Canadian drone duo NADJA and the label’s newly signed act, North Carolina’s atmospheric rock band GIANT.

    The complete lineup for the show is as follows:


  • Andy i now realized you didnt coy my website a lot of ppl have apparently

    Earth dies screaming is a personal friend that will be doing a house party so i added to my list

    cause im trying to cover as much SXSW stuff as possible official or not

    So i added him

    i look up earth dies screaming SXSW

    on google and look 3 list come up

    And the funny thing is im not one of them and i was the one that added him to any SXSW list to begain with

    but whatever

    i guess my website is being used and seen so i should be happy

    and i am

    but just keep checking out my website

    im adding tons of bands all the time


  • Btw bands official or not sent me your shows to

    i will add it to the never ending list

    btw this is a one man project so sometimes it might take me a while to get it up but trust me it will be


  • Robert Duffy

    Hugo, everything’s gonna be alright bro. I post stuff that gets reposted everywhere (including your site, wink!) and it’s cool. I don’t care, I’m happy about it. Share the information, let it flow. No need for stressing. :)

  • I wasnt really stressing i just wanted to clarify that i knew that a bunch of those bands were not officially part of SXSW

    I try to find most of the info myself by one myspace page giving me a clue to a party or another band playing

    but i must admit i have gotten leads from here and 52shows as well

    i lot of ppl have e-mail me shows i still have a lot to put up but this is a one man act

    how many ppl are in done waiting?

    You guys also have a lot more reputation than but hey im doing this for my love of music

    hopefully some ppl will use my website instead of searching through hundreths of myspaces like i am


  • joeygar

    hey,i was just at the supersuckers show in chicago and my good friend mike hodgkiss from urge over kill(previously from the gaza strippers)told me sat night at sxsw it’s going to be them and naked raygun!!! this is fo sho!! later!!

  • Barb

    Apparently the Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian showcase will be Thursday, Mar 13 at the Mohawk as it’s listed in both Jens Lekman and Julie Doiran’s tourdates. Black Mountain and Parts and Labor are in the area during SXSW also so I’d assume they’ll be included. Okkervil? Maybe (hopefully?)

  • Cock Sure

    Heard Beerland is NOT participating in SXSW! Something to do with the way SXSW treats bands and indie labels! Wow! Way to go Randall! FUXSXSW! I know where I’m hanging out during SXSW! At least he will showcase local talent and some well deserved national acts that SXSW always overlooks or mistreats! I say let’s support Randall’s decision not to participate by packing Beerland during SXSW week! Long Live Beerland!

  • i will pack beerland if i could but by the name of that it is 21+


  • UK label looking for show for The Ironweed Project in exchange for gig swap in the UK…

    Manchester electronic-blues outfit, The Ironweed Project, are looking for another show whilst they are at SXSW alongside their official showcase date. Can you help? Can they play your event/party/bbq? If you can help us, we will help you with UK shows, press and radio. Get in touch,

    Check the band –

    Check the label –

    Thanx for your help.

  • Hello,

    A few of our bands are looking for some extra pickup shows.
    Lovie (Dallas,TX)
    Witch’s Hat (St. Louis, MO)

    Please contact Roy Turner with Trickykid @

  • Shana

    DUDES… I’m coming over to SXSW from the UK (I never miss it), and I just found out that Clare & The Reasons will be there!!! I saw them at the Luminaire in London in December, and I swear to you, this band will change your life… Anyone got any leads on their shows down there this year?- email me- Shana

  • Benny C.

    Reply to Shana:

    Looks like Thurs. day, Friday night so far… They are effing great live.

  • Austin

    Are we sure that MSTRKRFT are playing a “Vice” party? The date states that they’re playing at Vice, a fairly new (grimey, 3-story, jailbait-ridden, 18+) club on sixth, but I don’t see anything about it being a Vice Records party…

  • Mark

    We’re also playing:

    Camp X-Ray

    Not sure when or where yet, though.

  • Missy

    Bedroom Walls confirmed on their myspace.

  • Missy

    It is on their myspace.

  • Fazari would love to get any shows during SXSW week.

  • Bul

    Alguien por ahi necesita bandas hispanoparlantes para armar shows durante el SXSW ’08?

    Album, frome mexico also looking for additional dates.

  • here’s a myspace bulletin i got today…some un-official SXSW stuff in south austin during SXSW.
    —————– Bulletin Message —————–
    From: La Luz
    Date: Feb 29, 2008 1:27 PM

    We’ve got style, miles and miles. So much style that its wasting. We’ve teamed up with Sweet Leaf Tea to bring you two amazing days of music during SXSW (but in no way affiliated with SXSW so please don’t sue us). Once your done struggling to put on your skinny jeans, come down to 2009 South 1st St. and help us celebrate “The Rise of the Ottoman Empire”.
    Word Bitches…

    Thursday March 13th:
    1pm Fatback Circus (Austin, Tx)
    2pm The Low Lows (Austin, Tx)
    3pm Port O’Brien (Oakland, CA)
    4pm O’Death (New York, NY)
    5pm Slowtrain (Austin, Tx)

    Saturday March 15th:
    12pm Fiction (Austin, Tx)
    1pm Ghost Night (Austin, Tx)
    2pm Carlis Star (Manchester, UK)
    3pm Mermaid Blonde (Austin, Tx)
    4pm Stella Rose (Fort Worth/Austin, Tx)
    5pm Frontier Brothers (Fort Worth/Austin, Tx)

  • more south austin stuff for SXSW:
    / SXSW //
    Wednesday March 12th
    6pm – Carl Stone (San Francisco / Japan)
    meet and greet / listening party

    Thursday March 13th
    2pm Secret Shine (Bristol UK / Clairecords)
    3pm Shining (Oslo Norway / Rune Grammofon)
    4pm Radar Bros (Los Angeles / Merge)

    Friday March 14th
    Secretly Canadian Day
    1:00pm Cryptacize (Oakland / Asthmatic Kitty)
    1:50pm No Kids (Vancouver Canada / Tomlab)
    2:40pm Jeremy Jay (Los Angeles / K Recs)
    3: 30pm White Hinterland (Boston / Dead Oceans)
    4:20pm Sian Alice Group (London UK / The Social Registry)

    Saturday March 15th
    1pm Nadja (Toronto Canada / Alien 8)
    2pm Paul Metzger (St Paul / Locust)
    3pm Gary Higgins (Falls Village/ Drag CIty)
    4pm FM3 (China)