Moby, Justice at SXSW 08?

Princess Superstar lists a 3/13 SXSW date with Moby and Justice on her MySpace page.

(Thx J.Savage)

  • John

    Justice has a date in D.C. on the 12th, then in Boston on the 15th, so a date in Austin on the 13th doesn’t seem very probable.

  • jonesy

    well, if the label cares enough, and has the cash, sending them off to sxsw wouldnt be that out of the question.

    seems more likely than some of the other rumors

  • harry

    justice is playing a stubbs show in austin on the 3rd. even though it is a whole new venue during sxsw, i doubt they would come right back and play.

  • eminem

    i hope moby shows up. i will kick his ass.

  • garyindallas

    maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere…
    Junkie XL said he is playing with Moby. it’s on his calendar.

  • From Junkie XL’s MySpace blog … First shows are confirmed. I am playing SXSW with Moby at Vice on Friday March 14. The bill could very well include the other bands mentioned (Justice, Princess Superstar).

  • Whoops … I added the “The bill could very well include ..” part.

  • based on what ive heard

    justice & moby are playing a playboy invite only after party during sxsw.

  • doc

    how do you get tickets to the show at Vice? is it sxsw wristband?

  • Guy who knows fro sure

    Show is confirmed my brother is on the list and said Ben Harper will also be spinning, you are seeing this correctly spinning.Too bad for the rest of us that can’t get a +1:(