The Irish are Coming! The Irish are Coming! (to SXSW)

Bands: Delorentos, Paddy Casey, Iain Archer, Oppenheimer, Channel One, Cathy Davey, Fight Like Apes, Laura Izabor, The Distractors, Driving by Night, and The Bleedin Bleedins
Location: BD Rileys (204 E. 6th St.)
Date/Time: Thursday, March 13, 12 – 5 pm

SXSW always happens around St.Patrick’s Day and I always make it a point to stop into the Irish pub, BD Rileys, to enjoy a pint of Guiness and listen to some great Irish bands. Truth of the matter is I enjoy listening to the Irish contingency who shows up to watch the bands as much as I do listening to the bands that are performing. This day party is being called “The Music from Ireland brunch”. I’m not that familiar with most of the bands playing, but I did happen to catch Iain Archer play a short but sweet set at BD Riley’s in 2006 and am looking forward to checking out the former touring Snow Patrol guitarist again this year (Archer co-wrote SP’s biggest hit, “Run”).

For a more in-depth look at the Irish bands performing at this party and at SXSW, check out State Magazine’s coverage. The guest list for this party is limited to 150 people so RSVP today if this is your thing.

More info, including set times, will be posted at in the near future.

  • Come now, how do you post a line-up of Irish rockers without the Pogues, or at least MacGowan’s barf bag included in the mix? The bod won’t be with us forever, and now that he’s improbably turned 50 the clock’s ticking.

  • and you get a full irish breakfast!


  • RockStock

    Have you heard of an Irish artist called ONYA from Donegal, I saw her play in THE ROXY on Sunset,Hollywood, I just came across you message board & thought I would let you know ONYA is playin in El MERCADO on Friday 14th 12.15pm – her myspace is ONYAMUSIC – she is with the GO GIRLS group – check her out if you dont know bout her already :) RS