Houston Press SXSW showcase

On Thursday, March 13th, the Houston Press hosts a showcase at The Tap Room (311 Colorado St.).  The show features some of Houston’s most touted bands:

The Mathletes
The Ton Tons
Studemont Project
Peekaboo Theory
Million Year Dance
The Dimes (No, not the Portland band of the same name. Actually, by March the Houston-based Dimes will probably no longer be called The Dimes.)

  • so will they be called ‘March of Dimes’? haha.

  • cafe

    ponderosa stomp is returning.

  • Phil

    irongo done taken my joke

  • you left an S off your Mathletes URL so it takes you to some douche instead. It should be:


  • No Southern Backtones, my favorite Houston band? Sad day.

  • the_birds

    There really isn’t a great source covering Houston Original rock bands. Houston Press is just okay.

  • DAC

    Actually, there are a few others besides the Press. The Chronicle’s HandStamp (chron.com), SpaceCityRock.com, The Skyline Network (www.theskyline.net), and Houston Calling (www.houstoncalling.net) are all pretty good resources.

  • i try dog, i try. i thought the mathletes were done for the year. Joe left town supposedly. Did he just move to Austin?

  • cb

    What time is the HOUSTON PRESS shabang? Please publish alongside original info.

  • joel

    indiehouston has the houston show down.


    ciao mofos