Australian bands at SXSW

No official word yet on who will be performing at the BEST SXSW DAY PARTY (see the #1 highlight of 2007 SXSW for me), the Aussie BBQ (scheduled for Friday, March 14) but a little birdie passed along some names of some Australian bands that may very well be crossing the ocean for an appearance at SXSW. Start speculating now about which of these bands will be part of the BBQ and which will be in regular SXSW nightly showcases.

Once we’ve got word about who will be playing the Aussie BBQ we’ll let you know how you can RSVP.

  • DAC

    Always my favorite party during SXSW and a great way to discover new bands.

  • The Devastations — Originally from Australia — currently living in Berlin will be there too!

  • Phil

    There was only one band last year at this showcase that i saw and were absolutley my most favorite random band that i saw, i came across the last band playing at this showcase and THEY ROCKED!!! if anyone still has the set list from that showcase and could post if that band is apart of this years that would be sweet. CANT WAIT!!

  • Suz

    Can’t wait to see Jedd Hughes again…

  • the_birds

    Where is Operator Please? I really want them to make it to SXSW!

  • Operator Please’s MySpace page shows dates in Australia during SXSW week. I was kind of hoping to see them as well.

  • Emily

    Modular’s also bringing some of their bands over. Cut Copy will be there for sure.