Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kill Moon at SXSW

Nice! Sun Kill Moon has a new album coming out in April. They’ll be performing March 13 at Central Presbyterian Church.

(thx Ryan)

  • The Sun Kill Moon site mentions that the Retribution Gospel Choir will be playing as well.

  • Brian


  • Kim

    I was going to say “sweet” but someone just said that. So, awesome. :)

  • blip

    so is that Sun Kil Moon with a full band? not solo acoustic? would that be the first time that’s ever happened? that’s big . . . .

  • now their website is saying solo

  • blip

    yep, looks like another solo gig . . . but the retro gospel choir is awesome and the closest thing available to a sun kil moon or red house painters show.

  • Robert Vickers

    This is absolutely a solo acoustic gig by Mark Kozelek, not Sun Kil Moon. There may be SKM shows later this year but not at SXSW.