Two Quick SXSW Blog Updates: Twitter, Interviews

Okay, first of all, our writer Chip Midnight is going to be writing up previews of as many SXSW bands as he can or die trying. If you’re playing the festival, get in touch with him and he’ll send over questions. chipmidnight AT hotmail DOT com

Second, I am not sure how this is going to work out but I am going to attempt to use Twitter to provide some up to the minute SXSW updates during the festival, and even leading up to it. Our Twitter feed:

(Fine, Bryce, you win.)

  • dtc

    any info on wristbands yet? i have yet to see squat from any media outlet.

  • funnnnn


  • Bwahhhh haa haa haaaa! OMGZ Rob Duffy is Twittering! love it…