Siltbreeze SXSW 2008 Showcase

March, 13 2008 at SXSW SILTBREEZE Showcase (Soho Lounge)
w/ Times New Viking, Pink Reason, Eat Skull, Blues Control, Los Llamarada, Naked on the Vague, XnobbqX, Mike Rep, Ex-cocaine, and Psychedelic Horseshit.

Three Columbus bands represented. Read our wonderful interview with Times New Viking here.

  • Adam

    I count four (4) Columbus bands yo. Three and a half (3.5) at the least.

  • cb

    Again, WHAT ARE THE HOURS???

  • cb, if it’s a night showcase, the hours are almost always 8-2, with the last band going on at about 1 am.

  • cb

    OK, didn’t know whether it was official or non-.