The Clipse:We Got It For Cheap Vol.3



MP3:DJDrama/The Clipse:We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3

The cd bangs. Its great. And I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the intro dissing Lil Wayne & Baby. You think DJ Drama isn’t thinking about Young Money’s disloyalty during his well-publicized RIAA bust? I know he said he is doing another tape with Wayne, but I am sure he smiled at the shots Re-Up is taking. I am a pretty big Wayne fan, but it would be suprising if he could make a diss record that would come as hard as the Clipse. I love Wayne’s nonsensical battle raps more than anyone. But its hard to emasculate someone if speaking gibberish is one of your main virtues. Then again Wayne at this point sells 10x as many records as the Clipse, so maybe he could just keep his legion of females supporters to continue not purchasing Clipse albums. Wayne isn’t the only person The Clipse are aiming at. They also have ringtone snap rappers in their sites;declaring the end of “disco rap” that just “Walks it out”. The Clipse firmly align themselves with Hip Hop in the Gangstarr/Big Daddy Kane form while at the same time clown “Treehuggin Bitches” who ask them to change their drug dealing subject matter. They also address their relationship with Skateboard P aka Pharrell, which sounds like its pretty distanced but not on a State Property/Method Man/Dame Dash/Joe Buddens/Dipset/LL Cool J vs. Jigga level of resentment at this point. Doods keep it pretty frank. Fuck they even admit that Hall Hath No Fury was a critical success, but a commercial failure. Doods get serious over Jim Jones’ “Emotionless” beat. A couple of good quotes that stick out intially from this mixtape, “We don’t say shit like the Blue Man Group” and “I am not a part of your coke rap genre.” Basically they are calling bullshit on a lot of things in Hip Hop, but not coming off bitter, just honest. And competitive on a ‘I’m fresher than you’ level. Maybe the Rick Rubin led Columbia era will help the Clipse regain their popularity so if the Clipse ever come to Columbus, they can play at Club Ice, and not a rock venue where college kids will throw the Vulcan looking Star Trak sign the whole time.

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