Columbus is Once Again Santana’s Town

I know some of y’all were geeked about going bonkers when Boosie was gonna rock “Wipe Me Down” and “Independant” at Major Woodys tommorrow. Well, the man with fresh jay’s and a questionable fade has dropped off the bill..BUT fear not…..

Juelz Santana has replaced Boosie on this show. So Saturday, February 9th will be the “Official Dipset Winter White Bash”. It says on the flyer that this is one event where you can wear your tall white tee, and not violate the dress code. Good to see the Dips are maintaining their Columbus presence.

  • That thug dude is rockin a nice looney tunes sweatshirt.

  • m.

    i was there. i saw all the fights and all the mace.


  • weswes


  • Questionable Fade = great band name.