SXSW Links

A few things we haven’t linked yet this year.

Showlist Austin is essential reading if you’re heading to SXSW.

Torr posted a list of recommended bands from the UK and beyond. He always has a good eye on the scene over there.

An active community has been created on for SXSW. Check it out.

Brooklyn Vegan is doing an official SXSW show Wednesday evening.

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    DJ IGOR (ex-Sepultura)

    Mar. 13 – AM Only SXSW showcase at Beauty Bar Texas
    Mar. 13 – SXSW – Vice Scion Metal Show at Stubbs Texas
    Mar. 13 – Vice SXSW showcase at Vice Texas
    Mar. 15 – Vice Scion Dance Show at Stubbs Texas
    Mar. 15 – Vice Late Late Night Party Texas

    cant wait to see what the lineups for the vice parties are!!insane!

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  • DCGrrrl

    um, so anyone wanna invite me to all the Vice parties? :)

  • Check us out, we are doing spotlights on artists leading up to SXSW! Mp3’s schedules and other info. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to go to your party.


  • thatcher

    does anyone know the rsvp list?

  • jermaine

    vice / scion metal

    motorhead / high on fire / napalm death / enslaved / mixhell