So…Nas at the Grammys?

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So.. Nas and a bunch of females (one white) rocked the title of his new album on the red carpet. The album title due out on Def Jam is, um, N****r. I have no reason to have an opinion on the matter because I am not black. So its not really my call. I will say that I work at a record store so I plan on playing really dumb that Tuesday. Which is April 22nd.

  • ramirez

    based on what he said in the clip, your opinion is quite valid regardless of race afiliation and all that. sounds like maybe you have one (opinion)…what are your thoughts?
    I only ask based on prior exchange we had after you visited that school after the Don Anus Rutgers basketball fallout.
    Will you play dumb because you are uncomfortable with saying the word nigger (from a justification based on your race standpoint) or that you don’t agree with the word hence you don’t agree with the album title? Ooor are you totaly neutral and dont want to get mixed up in it all?
    thanks for entertaining my curiosity.

  • wes flexner

    HMMM..I think N word and it’s connotations is a real personal thing for black people depending on their perceptions, and experiences. I don’t really think thats up for me to decide.

    And usually makes white people look really silly discussing the word, and interacting with it.
    At the most harmless its awkward.
    At most its malicious its devilish.

    Which I guess makes me amused at Nas calling his album this, because it’s provocative and makes people uncomfortable. It seems like he is opening up a Pandora’s box here.

    Look at the debates that are still going on because of the title of the last album “Hip Hop is Dead”.

    In the clip, it appears that he is gonna use the title as a platform to make a point. IE..The War in Iraq, Classism, Sexism.

    But also taken in account, Nas has proven himself to be extremely uneloquent outside of his recorded output,this could get really messy.

    So pretty much, I am content in falling back and watching what ensues.

  • ramirez

    I do not disagree with anything you’ve said there.
    sounds like you’re not really one who believes that the power of the word can be taken away by putting it out there.
    good luck on that tuesday.