Donewaiting Year Five Saturday Preview: Brainbow


When I was assembling the five year anniversary events, I I wanted to have some sort of special centerpiece to it all. Something a little extraordinary, something that we might not see anywhere else or ever again.

This was right after the time Brainbow decided to cover a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings music for a Halloween show. I figured if a band could dedicate themselves to doing something like that, maybe they’d be up for doing something for the five year. I knew the band was good friends with Blueprint, and thought that maybe combining the music of Brainbow with the lyrics and rapping of Blueprint could create something truly unique. You’ll be able to find out Saturday night!

I asked Will Fugman about the collaboration, and here’s what he said.

What can people expect from the Blueprint/Brainbow collaboration Saturday?

Will: Well, there’s kinda going to be a little bit of everything. First, as some people have been asking, there won’t be a bunch of Brainbow songs with Blueprint rapping over top of them. We have been approaching this as a collaboration, so we wanted it to be as much of that as possible, with the time constraints we had to work under. We (Brainbow) just started trying to play like we normally would, but with more emphasis on beats, or beats that lend themselves to hip-hop specifically. This was before Al (Blueprint) even came over, and we were just sort of trying to get into that mindset, and see if we could find some sort of compromise that could take both of our sounds, which are pretty different, and put them together.

That’s kinda what we’re going for, but the most important part of the mix, in our opinion, is the vocal element, which is something we’ve never dealt with before. Pretty much everything we’ve done was to work around the framework of Blueprint’s words, verses, choruses, etc. With the exception of one instrumental, which was written by Print, and then brainbowtized by us, you can expect to hear some mellow, some heavy, some funkier stuff (though that sounds a lot scarier than it actually is), some more psyche oriented stuff, as well as a few things that are more aligned with what you might think of when you think of Blueprint.

How has the process been working with Blueprint, an outsider to the band?

Sweet. It’s always a little horrifying to work with new people… We have our own way of working on things, which could be pretty annoying to an outside person. I would imagine it’s even more annoying to a vocalist, but Print knows what’s up with writing music so it wasn’t too bad. He started sending me some stuff over email, some things he thought would lend themselves well to what we’re doing, and we started with those as a skeleton. We took the overall feel of what he had, with the beats and the lyrics, and tried to throw a little of ourselves into it and see what happened. Al’s been really cool about us trying things out, or changing things around a little, which was great.

That’s usually a tricky subject, you know, someone gives you a recording and then you go and try to put your grubby hands all over it, and you’re worried that they won’t like it, or they’ll be offended, or whatever. Al’s been great about being there, being constructive, and being a really big part of the whole thing…which is all everyone could have hoped for. It’s cool, because we’ve shot the shit about doing something like this in the past, so it’s great to actually see what the hell it is we can do together, and it’s been a pretty positive, as well as difficult, experience.


Brainbow and Blueprint will be playing with Miranda Sound, Mike Shiflet, and El Jesus de Magico Saturday at Skully’s. For more information, click here.
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