Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: Deathly Fighter


MP3: Bloody Cup

Of all the bands on the current Columbus landscape, Deathly Fighter are the most difficult to pin down. Their first show sounded like an SPK groove on repeat. It was a fairly well-received set considering the number of ideas brought forth (1). Their next show was more distorted and antagonistic, clearing the room at Bourbon St. in about ten minutes. Their recordings explore an assortment of black and white sounds from early Hardcore to Industrial, classic Dub to Dubstep to House, without ever fully committing to a single genre. And then there’s the Deathly Fighter aesthetic, which may be more clearly defined than the music itself, with themes of sadomasochism, violence, cassette culture and DIY appearing in their graphic design and general presence. Though it is unclear exactly where Smoke, Christian and Mike will take Deathly Fighter next, one thing is certain: those looking for the same old rock will be disappointed. In the words of Zachery Allen Starkey, “I like Deathly Fighter”.

Deathly Fighter are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Sinkane, Grave Blankets, and This Moment in Black History. For more details, click here.

  • pc

    i heard smoke seriously sleeps upside down and they all brush their teeth with latex g-strings! i’m lovin’ it!

  • wes flexner

    Why? Thats the question most asked by the 85.

  • artful l.a. dodgers

    i heard their drummer stole her glasses off the corpse of Dracula